Saturday, November 12, 2011

I bought 2 cute sweaters at the Gap yesterday that were 50% wool. I thought to myself, "How bad can cutting wool off sheep be?" Well, after reading about it this morning, I'll be returning those super cute sweaters. (The part about mulesing was enough for me to say no to wool.) Luckily there are PLENTY of alternatives to keep me warm.  
During my vegan journey, I have learned to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Sometimes that old pattern of "Oh, how bad can it REALLY be?" creeps into my head, like last night while buying those sweaters. It is only when I ALLOW myself to find out just how bad it is, that I uncover the truth.
I post alot of articles on my facebook page and I often wonder if they start to annoy my non-vegan friends. I am sure that some people have hit "hide" for me, but I still feel the need to teach people who are willing to listen. I learn new things each day and I just want everyone to know what I never knew about how animals are treated in industry. I've eaten meat and cheese, drank milk, worn leather, worn wool, bought down comforters, etc my whole life only because I didn't know this stuff....I always say that I WISH I read about all of this 20 years ago. 
For me, no piece of clothing or food is worth having if an animal suffered.
More information about sheep mulesing can be found here
PINK made a video to educate further. This one REALLY made me say no to wool products.
My new motto is QUESTION EVERYTHING. Who could have suffered for the products I want to buy? Who could have been tested on? Who could have been sad, scared, hurt, and lonely? Like I said before, NOTHING is worth buying if it causes any creature to suffer in any way.