About This Blog

Originally, I created this blog simply as a way to collect my thoughts as I started to change my lifestyle while learning about how animals are treated in different industries. I decided to make it public when I realized that perhaps my blog could help educate friends and family. Maybe it can even help to plant seeds of compassion in others.

There was a time when I had no idea how animals got from farm factory to plate - I didn't WANT to know. I just wanted to enjoy my chicken, burgers, and eggs in peace and not even think about it. I ate whatever I felt like without any thought of where it came from

Then, I bought some Oil of Olay eye cream back in April 2009 and Craig said to me, "You know that company tests on animals, right?" Well, that opened the floodgates of education and change for me. One simple question. In the past I never allowed myself to believe that companies still tested on animals. I IGNORED anything I ever saw about it and went on my merry way. It was just easier that way. Well, I decided that I wasn't going to ignore it anymore. How could I be such an animal lover and NOT find out the truth? What the hell took me so long?

After researching companies that test, I changed what beauty and household products I use. Then I decided it was time to tackle the truth about the food I was consuming. I think it took one afternoon of watching videos, looking at images, and reading articles to know for sure that I could never go back to eating meat.

My next and current step is eliminating all animal products from my lifestyle. I am focusing on my diet first by following a vegan diet (bye bye dairy and cheese.)

I look forward to sharing information with anyone who is interested. 

For my friends and family - I will never ever judge you for eating meat. I love my meat eating and veggie people all the same....and always will! :)

But what I do ask is that you allow yourself to be open to learning new things. 

I just wish I would have allowed myself to learn these things 20 years ago....