Sunday, March 18, 2012

A friend asked me what some of my favorite products are.
Most of the time I try very hard to actually cook meals using recipes I find online
Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Savvy Vegetarian (I just veganize anything with cheese, milk, etc)
Green Food, Green Thumb High Heels blog
Veg Web
Engine 2

....or in the books
Appetite for Reduction
Vegetarian Suppers (I simply omit any non-vegan ingredients)
The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook (once again, I just veganize if needed)
The Kind Diet
Crazy Sexy Diet

Sometimes, I need some "quickies" though....

Here are some things that help me with a quick meal (and just some of my favorite products right now)

Vega (now it is called "Vega One") - I use this in my morning smoothie for a quick breakfast each day. It really keeps me full until lunch. I add some almond milk, kale, a banana, some strawberries and grated ginger)

This is ALWAYS in my fridge...for my smoothies and salads and sometimes even in my lunchtime  hummus sandwiches if I am out of spinach
We love quinoa - its such an amazing superfood! It can go in salads, just mixed with veggies as a stirfry, soups, or any place you'd use rice. You can also make yummy quinoa cakes, quinoa stuffing, quinoa corn chowder, etc....there are so many recipes out there for this protein packed beauty!

good for an easy burrito or chili base

This one and the "savory" flavor or great for stirfries or on a sandwich or to add protein to a salad

Love Any's soups for a quick meal on a chilly night.

Or Trader Joes
Or this one. I love this brand, just check to make sure the soups are vegan - I was addicted for a bit to this one...add some quinoa and its a yummy quick dinner

I like to make my own stir fry sauces when I can, but time does not always allow me so I like to keep some like this on hand for quick flavor

I can't say enough about these! Use any place where you used to use chicken breasts. In the whole foods prepared section they usually have bigger, already marinated ones too which I treat myself to on occasion. Great for "chick'n" sandwiches, to throw in soups, or even by itself on those days you really need a quick meal. I don't use these too often because I try hard not to rely on stuff like this, but some days you just NEED something quick

For a yummy quick pizza... Although it is more fun to make pizzas out on the grill using pita, Daiya cheese, sauce, and lots of grilled veggies!
These pics refused to flip - sorry! Quick and easy noodle to add to stirfries, etc

Great to add to pasta dishes or for making a meatball sandwich with sauce and daiya cheese. My husband loves these.

One of my favorite veggie burgers...
The other favorite...

That's it for today....I am sure I will come across more stuff in the next week that I forgot to put on here. Hope this helps, Christine (and others!)

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  1. Thank you!!! I will start trying these things out!!