Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update and funny story

I am proud to say that Craig and I are still going strong with our meat-free diet! We are talking about someday making the leap to vegan, but right now we are rocking out without meat in our diets! I have given up cow's milk completely and only eat cheese on occasion.When I told my mom of course she said I was "nuts" but after talking to her about the reasons, she seemed to understand better. We were in NJ for 10 days last week and one day she said she "felt sorry for us" that we weren't having what she grilled. We bought our own veggie burgers (splurged on the expensive Amy's brand which were yummy!) and I explained to her that my meal was just as enjoyable. I also pointed out that we were able to enjoy all the other things she prepared (salads, vegetables, etc) and that made her feel better.

Funny story - one day she was lost on what to make. She did not want us to cook a vegetarian dinner (I think she was afraid my Dad wouldnt like it) so I suggested she could make lasagna. As we were about to eat it, she had a very worried look. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she accidently used meat sauce in it. Neither Craig or I made a big deal - she was obviously trying...and she seemed genuinely upset that she messed up - so we both enjoyed her food thoroughly. In my mind I thanked and apologized to the poor cow and moved on. Neither of us got sick, thankfully...but that was the only time where we didn't make a big deal about it.

After every meal Craig and I eat together, I say something like "Honey - no creatures were hurt in this meal!!" and we smile at each other with pride. It sure feels good to eat with compassion!

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