Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Planning meals: I really need to start planning out weekly meals so that I don't feel so stressed the day of...and so I dont find myself eating chickpeas 3 days in a row. I started a list of ideas of meals to eat that I can pull from each week. hopefully that helps a bit.

Things I have learned about eating the past few weeks:

Hummus: Its a wonderful thing to put on sandwiches for lunch but I have to be careful - this stuff is TOO good once I start using it as a dipping snack. Sure, its healthy, but too much of a good thing could be bad, so I have to try to cool it with the hummus - plus I dont want to get tired of it. I NEED it for when I go out to places that dont have many options. I need to make sure I enjoy it and it doenst become an everyday borning food like turkey sandwiches had become.

Fish:Its time to say goodbye. I thought I could do it. We went out for sushi and I just felt....well...bad. There are vegetarian sushi options so I can still enjoy the atmopsphere and edamame and stuff :)

Lunches: I have really fallen in love with hummous and tomato sandwiches. Cynthia said I'd find my "new turkey sandwich" and I think I just did! I need to remember to mix it up a bit though

Snacking: I need to be careful here. Its too easy to reach for almonds with the excuse of "oh, I need my protein" - I am getting enough protein in my meals - if not I can make a lowfat shake...Veggies and Fruits have to be my main snack - and TEA after dinner

Going out to restaurants:Be careful about too much hummous again. Also, when drinking, do not rely only on salad to be a filling meal. I have to eat some bread somehow in this situation.
As far as pastas I need to watch my portions.

Planning meals: I think I need to start planning meals a week in advance - not only to make sure I am not eating TOO MANY BEANS but to also make sure I get some variety in there. its tough not having chicken as the staple for every lowfat protein option, but I also need to remember to start using the cookbooks more and try new things. remember how amazing the quinoa stuffed peppers are? woo!

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