Friday, January 21, 2011

My Chipotle Burrito = VEGAN!

I have two words for that - FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

I have been waiting for a response from Chipotle since my trip to NJ at Christmas, when I *thought* that it was butter that they were mixing with the rice. Well, today i received the email that made me do a happy dance:
Debra, Thanks for writing. Our rice does not have butter in it. We cook our rice with soybean oil, and it is completely vegan. I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions. We hope to see you soon.

Hell yeah you'll see me soon - how about tonight? :)

I also learned that the stuff I *thought* was butter is actually lime juice. No wonder their burritos are like crack.

Also, on the website it lists special diet options - very nice. So basically, the things that are not vegan are: pinto beans (they are cooked with a small amount of bacon), meats (obviously), cheese, sour cream, and chipotle-honey vinaigrette. Sweet. I only ever ate chicken from that list anyway- back when I did the meat thing.

Oh, my dream burrito?
Black beans, fajita veggies, ALL THREE salsas (with EXTRA corn salsa) and....that's it! :) Sometimes I will have them throw on some lettuce if I feel adventurous. Oh, and for some strange reason I like baby carrots on the side when I eat it at home...weird, I know. I can seriously eat baby carrots with anything.

So excited to celebrate with a burrito in about half an hour!


  1. Hi Debbie!
    Very cool blog, I have enjoyed reading about your journey. Sounds like you started around the same time that I did.
    Also interesting post about Chipotle--I did not know that their pintos were not vegan!! I don't eat there very often but next time I will know!
    Best of luck to you!

  2. Chipolte is owned by McDonald's, yeah?

  3. Nope. Mc Donald's sold off their shares in 2006.