Sunday, January 9, 2011

So far so good....

First week of transition to vegan = success in my book....but definitely LOTS to be learned.

Eating at home is quite easy - there are so many recipes out there - plus, most of the vegetarian things I had been making were already vegan (or could be made vegan very easily.) Most of the times, all I need to do is take out the cheese and voila! vegan! Honestly, most things I make don't taste any different to me without the cheese.

Today I made tofu scramble for the first time - YUMMY! Craig said that if I served it to anyone else, that it could pass for real eggs. Hmmm...wonder who I can pull one over on ;)

Going out is another issue.

At dinner this week, we THOUGHT that we ordered something that was vegan, until we got a little surprise when we tasted butter. This is totally a learning experience for us...we are going to make TONS of mistakes along the way...AND we're going to end up eating non-vegan foods by accident or by choice along the line...but the main thing is that we are making an effort to not use/ consume animal products as much as we possibly can without making ourselves crazy. It will not be the end of the world when we mess up...and we will certainly never send anything back at a restaurant if we discover it has something we weren't expecting.

I am going to try my best to be as vegan as possible when out, but I am sure there will be times when it might not work out 100%.

This week we had vegan pizza for the first time at a pizza place at the farmer's market - it was certainly delicious and I didnt miss "real' cheese one bit!

In the same meal, we did learn that Guinness is not vegan....oops!
From Guinness:
In reference to your inquiry, isinglass, a fish product, is used during the clarification process as a magnet to get rid of excess yeast. To the strict Vegan, this would be considered an animal product and therefore unsuitable. 

Like I said....we're going to make LOTS of mistakes along the way!

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