Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goodbye Turkey Sandwiches...
Today is the day I said goodbye to my daily lunch - turkey sandwiches. I have to admit, I felt a little bit sad / scared when I had my last sandwich. What will I eat for lunch? Ive had turkey sandwiches for as long as I can remember. Seriously, its been my everyday lunch for a LONG TIME.
I need to remember the turkeys....how badly they are treated...how smart and cute they are.
I need to LEARN about other lunches and be adventurous and TRY different things. A friend put it best when she said "You will find something else to be your new turkey sandwich."

Today its a peanut butter and banana sandwich. That can be my go-to lunch when I am in a hurry, but I need to find other ideas so I am not having peanut butter everyday. I used to not even be able to keep peanut butter in the house because I would eat it when I was stressed/bored/ etc...I'd stick the spoon in and go to town. So the fact that I have it in the house right now is a big deal. I have to show control with it.

This may be the most challenging part of my journey....this and telling my parents that I dont eat meat anymore.

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