Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last night I bought organic chicken breasts from Whole Foods for Craig to put on salad while I tried the Trader Joes "ChickenLess Strips"
The regular chicken tasted so much better than the chicken we had from Costco - you could really tell a difference in taste quality. I am still waiting from emails back from the farm to see why they are not labled 'certified humane.' They are under the guidelines of the Global Animal Partnership from what I can tell, since thats what WF buys from....but I am still investigating. i am thankful that Craig is trying hard to be on board with not buying meat that we are unsure of. He even suggested that we go to the farm to see what it is really like. What an  amazing guy I have!
The chickenless strips were do-able for me- best I think when in a sauce (like maybe for fajitas, simmer sauce, etc) Craig flat out didnt like them at all. They are pretty bland, but I have always been known to be ok with bland foods.

I also started tracking all my foods on fatsecret to see what my overall fat, carb, protein is for the day....yesterday came out to 19% fat, 60% carb, 20% protein...pretty much textbook good for what I am reading. I am still researching this, though. Craig is VERY concerned about protein for us.

Today we are going to dinner with Elizabeth and Bruce so I look forward to talking more with her. It should not be hard to find something at a Mexican or Italian restaurant to eat.

I find I have been a bit anxious about this all....with a heaviness of "Can we REALLY do this? Is it possible? Will we gain weight?" To calm that a bit, I say to myself,
"One meal at a time, meal at a time"

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