Monday, May 3, 2010

Yesterday I emailed a friend about how she deals with being a vegetarian and this really helped:
Yes, I am a vegetarian and have been for 18 years. And, you're right, **** is a major carnivore! Cooking for both of us really isn't that difficult. For example, when I make tacos, I make mine with black beans and his with some type of meat, in addition to the beans. Sometimes, we will have vegetarian pasta. Other times, I will make pasta using the same base sauce which I separate into two pans, adding meat to his. I love vegetables so other times I will just eat salad (with protein like nuts, cheese, garbanzo beans) or soup, along with side dishes (usually a green vegetable and a starch). When I do that, I make a steak or chicken for **** to have along with the other items.

I also talked to another friend today. She gave me advice about possibly still eating chicken since a strict veg diet caused weight gain for her (with all the pasta and starch it takes to fill you up.) I am going to take that advice to heart and think about possible ways to still purchase chickens that were treated humanely. (Seems impossible but i will continue my research.) Her advice was very very helpful to give me another angle to look at - the weight gain angle.

Another friend said that people will LOSE weight, though....this is going to be tough. I really do not want to gain any weight the month before summer especially since I am trying to LOSE weight.

Today at Trader Joes I felt like I was a new shopper in there for the first time. Like I was shopping with new eyes. I bought the following things to see if they are tasty or bland:

soy nuggets (like chicken nuggets)
fake chicken strips
black beans and stuff to try to make black bean burgers
tofu (going to grill it tonight while making a chicken breast for craig)

update: I grilled the tofu with bbq sauce and enjoyed it alot. I am just concerned because it has more fat than chicken does....ugh.

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